Oracle Weblogic 10g故障排除培训

本课程将使学员掌握Oracle Weblogic server问题的症状及原因,掌握问题的检查方法及在不同环境中解决问题的方法,该课程有助于显著提高运营企业的效率。
       在管理WLS的时候 识别、检查和解决问题。

课程对象: 网站管理员






        Introduction to Diagnostic Patterns
       •Overview of Patterns
       •What is a Pattern
       •Identifying Support Pattern Methodology
       •Why Use Support Patterns
       •Identifying Support Pattern Resources
    Common Diagnostic Tools
       •JVM Management: Java SE 6.0 Monitoring and Management Architecture
       •Identifying Processes and Threads
       •Obtaining a Thread Dump Using WLS
       •Memory: Define Java Heap
       •Garbage Collection Review
       •Configuring JRockit Heap
    Server Core Dump Pattern
       •Identifying Server Core Dump Pattern
       •Symptoms and Causes of a Server Core Dump
       •Identifying Why Core File is Not Produced
       •Investigating Causes of Server Core Dump
       •Overview of Investigation
       •Overview of Core File Tools
       •Overview of Standard Investigation Tools
       •Creating Troubleshooting Checklist
    Generic Server Hang Pattern
       •Symptoms and Causes of a Server Hang
       •Investigation of Server Hang
       •Basic Investigation Steps
       •View the Execute Threads
       •Thread Dump on a Running Server
       •Analysis and Troubleshooting Investigation Results
       •Setting Server Thread Counts
       •Troubleshooting Strategy
    Identifying High CPU Usage Pattern and Describing Resolution Steps
       •Identifying High CPU Usage Pattern
       •Review: Processes and Threads
       •Investigating High CPU Usage: On Solaris, Linux, and Windows OS
       •Analyzing the Server Instance to Determine What Threads are Causing the Issue
       •Using the Analyzed Information to Identify Areas Where Performance Tuning is Required
    Analyzing and Diagnosing Out of Memory/Memory Leak Patterns
       •Review of General Memory Concepts: Java Heap, Native Memory, and Memory Leaks
       •Investigating Java Heap Out of Memory Errors
       •Review Garbage Collection and Object References
       •Symptoms, Causes, and Troubleshooting of Out of Memory in Java Heap
       •Investigating Out of Native Memory Conditions
       •Review: Process Size, Virtual vs. Physical Memory
       •Symptoms, Causes, and Troubleshooting of Native Out of Memory Conditions
    Generic JDBC Pattern
       •Understanding Generic JDBC Pattern
       •Review: JDBC Database, Datasources, Connection Pool, and Statement Cache
       •Investigating JDBC Problems
       •Server Startup: Failed Pool Creation
       •Causes of Resource Exceptions
       •Overview of Insufficient Connections
       •Troubleshooting WebLogic Server Crashes
       •Troubleshooting WebLogic Server or Application Hangs and Memory Leaks
    Troubleshooting Too Many Open Files Pattern
       •Symptoms, Causes, and Troubleshooting of Too Many Open Files Problem
       •Identifying a WebLogic System That Has Too Many Files Open
       •Using Available Tools to Determine Which Component Has Too Many Files Open and What the Files Are
    Describing and Diagnosing Class Exception Patterns
       •Describing Class Cast Exception Pattern
       •Investigating Class Exceptions and Errors
       •Adding Application Code Diagnostics
       •Identifying Different Class Loaders
       •Describing Known WLS Issues
       •Understanding and Troubleshooting Class Casting Issues
       •Understanding and Troubleshooting Basic Class Loader Issues
    Understanding Symptoms, Causes, and Tools to Troubleshoot Multicast Patterns
       •Reviewing a WebLogic Server Cluster and Clustered Server Communication
       •Describing Multicast Problems and Investigation
       •Configuration Errors and Physical Network Problems
       •Multicast Timeouts
       •Clustering Heartbeat Problems and Multicast Storms
       •Testing and Debugging Multicast Patterns
       •Discussing Some of the Potential Multicast Issues that Can Occur in a WebLogic Server Cluster
       •Understanding the Processes Involved in Identifying and Resolving the Issues
    General Diagnostics for Proxy Plug-ins Pattern
       •Diagnosing and Troubleshooting Proxy Plug-ins Pattern
       •Gathering Plug-in Diagnostics
       •Switching on Debugging for the WebLogic Server Proxy
       •Knowing Where to Look in the WebLogic Server Console and Proxy Logs for Issues
    Identifying, Investigating, and Diagnosing HTTP Session Replication Failures Pattern
       •Reviewing HTTP Session Replication Failures Pattern
       •Causes, Symptoms, and Examples of HTTP Session Replication Failure
       •Investigating HTTP Session Replication Failures
       •Gathering Diagnostics: Enable Debug
       •Understanding How the WebLogic Server Proxy Server Works with Respect to HTTP Session Replication and Failover
       •Discussing Various Aspects of HTTP Session Replication Configuration and Operation