IBM WAS V7问题诊断培训(WA572)

     This 4-day instructor-led course teaches students how to manage WebSphere-related problems more skillfully within their organizations by using problem determination tools and techniques.
     Throughout this course, students discuss common scenarios that they may face in their daily activities and learn methodologies and techniques for problem determination, including how to use online IBM support tools to resolve problems. Students also learn how to communicate more effectively with IBM support teams so they can identify a problem and find its solution.
     Topics include problems associated with product installation and maintenance, database connectivity, security configuration, server start and stop failures, Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) application deployment, Web requests, Java Virtual Machine (JVM) tuning and memory management, Web services, and default messaging.
     Hands-on lab exercises give students practical experience using their newly acquired problem determination skills within various scenarios, including crashes, security-related issues, database configuration, application deployment, and installation.

     This intermediate course is designed for anyone who works on WebSphere-related applications and projects, including administrators, business partners, independent software vendors (ISVs), and consultants.






       Course introduction
       Overview of WebSphere Application Server systems and components
       Using the IBM Support Assistant
       Exercise: Using the IBM Support Assistant
       Problem determination methodology
       Problem determination techniques and tools
       Exercise: Introduction to problem determination tools
       Introduction to JVM-related problems
       Exercise: Introduction to configuring garbage collection policies
       How to troubleshoot hangs
       How to troubleshoot crashes
       Exercise: Hung threads detection and server crash
       Introduction to WebSphere out-of-memory problems
       Exercise: Troubleshooting an out-of-memory condition
       Introduction to database connection problems
       Exercise: Troubleshooting database connection problems
       Connection pool tuning and management problems
       Exercise: Troubleshooting a connection leak
       WebSphere security configuration problems
       Exercise: Troubleshooting security problems
       Application deployment problems
       Exercise: Troubleshooting application deployment problems
       Server start failures
       Exercise: Troubleshooting server start failures
       Request flow and Web container problems
       Exercise: Troubleshooting request flow and Web container problems
       How to troubleshoot problems with Web services
       Exercise: Troubleshooting Web service problems
       Default messaging provider problems
       Exercise: Troubleshooting WebSphere default messaging
       WebSphere installation problems and maintenance update
       Exercise: Troubleshooting installation problems
       Workload management and high availability problem determination
       Exercise: Troubleshooting workload management distribution problems
       Course summary