VMware vCloud:Deploy and Manage the VMware Cloud培训

This intensive four-day, instructor-led course demonstrates to technical personnel how to deploy VMware vCloud® for a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment and manage the ongoing operation of the deployment. The course focuses on the private and public vCloud solutions but also includes information on how this approach supports a hybrid solution.

课程对象: Consultants, systems engineers, datacenter administrators, and cloud administrators






        1  Course Introduction
        •  Review course goals
        •  Review course objectives
        •  Review the course outline
        •  Recognize VMware vCloud Director Essentials/Fundamentals course elements
    2  VMware vCloud Director Architecture and Components
        •  Describe how VMware products use the cloud computing approach
        •  Review vCloud Director components and explain their functions
        •  Examine how to charge for resources
        •  Determine the licensing needs
    3  Installing VMware vCloud Director
        •  Describe the required prerequisites for a vCloud Director installation
        •  Install vCloud Director
    4  VMware vCloud Director Networking
        •  Describe the network types available in vCloud Director
        •  Discuss the organization and vApp network traffic choices
        •  Describe the function of network pools
        •  Explain how to share content between organizations and vApps
        •  Share content in private, public, and hybrid clouds
    5  VMware vCloud Director Providers
        •  Identify storage resources for vCloud Director
        •  Configure and manage storage for providers
        •  Examine provider space allocation to an organization
        •  Recognize Storage vMotion issues
        •  Manage storage requirements for linked clones and shadow virtual machines
    6  VMware vCloud Director Organizations
        •  Create and manage organizations
        •  Recognize resource allocations for an organization
        •  Create and manage catalogs
    7  Monitoring VMware vCloud Components
        •  Monitor usage information at provider and organization virtual datacenters
        •  Analyze vCloud Director logs to monitor vCloud Director cells
    8  Cloud Connectivity
        •  Configure Basic Firewalls in vCloud Director
        •  Describe a Network Troubleshooting Methodology
        •  Configure VPN Tunnels in vCloud Director
        •  Configure Static Routes in vCloud Director
        •  Describe VMware vCloud® Connector
    9  VMware vCloud Security
        •  Identify authentication and authorization tasks
        •  Describe and configure LDAP integration
        •  Describe single sign-on
    10  Cost Analysis and Reporting with VMware vCenter Chargeback
        •  Recognize which elements vCenter Chargeback meters for vCloud Director
        •  Describe how cost models are used to generate reports
        •  Summarize the function of each of the vCenter Chargeback architecture components
        •  Identify how to generate reports
        •  Generate different reports based on business needs
    11  Managing Cloud Resources
        •  Understand and identify how vSphere fulfills vCloud Director requests
        •  Manage provider and organization virtual datacenters
    12  Managing vSphere Resources
        •  Manage VMware vCenter Server™ instances
        •  Manage VMware ESXi™ hosts
        •  Manage vSphere datastores
        •  Manage stranded items
        •  Configure and manage resource pools at the vSphere level