VMware View:Design Best Practices V5.1培训

该课程为期2天,含70%授课和30%实验,本课程将展示为VMware vSphere架构设计VMware View解决方案的方法。该设计方法包含为客户系统制作合理设计决定所必须收集的信息和数据类型、桌面选项、vSphere架构和View组件等的推荐。 VMware最佳实践将在设计流程的每一阶段展现出来。您将和其他参与者一起为实际项目设计一个View解决方案。

课程对象: IT专业顾问、解决方案设计师、系统设计师、系统管理员、IT经理






        Module 1:Course Introduction
        Introductions and course logistics
        Course objectives
    Module 2:Design Methodology
        General design process
        Elements of a successful View solution
        A design process for View solutions
    Module 3:Use-Case Definition
        Identifying use cases and their characteristics
        Options for collecting performance data
    Module 4:Pool and Desktop Design
        Mapping use cases to View pools
        Design decisions for pool configurations
        Configuring and optimizing virtual desktops
    Module 5:View Pod and Block Design
        Designing the access infrastructure
        Design decisions for remote display protocols
        Designing a load-balancer solution
        Designing the View infrastructure
    Module 6:VMware Infrastructure Design
        Mapping View infrastructure requirements to vSphere 5
        Sizing VMware vSphere ESXi™ hosts for CPU and memory
        Sizing VMware vCenter™ Server systems
        Sizing network capacity for PCoIP and RDP
        Optimizing PCoIP performance
    Module 7:Storage Design
        Designing the storage solution
        Sizing datastores based on capacity and performance metrics
        Deploying tiered storage for View Composer linked clones
    Module 8: Managing end-user personas and sessions
        Best practices for using Active Directory in a View environment
        Managing user profiles with View Persona Management
        Selecting client devices