Tuxedo 10g R3构建SOA应用程序培训

This course describes how to enable current Tuxedo applications for SOA and how to build new SOA components using the Service Component Architecture (SCA) with Tuxedo as the platform.
Since SCA is a new feature of Services Architecture Leveraging Tuxedo (SALT), and is dependent on the SALT Web Services infrastructure, the course also describes how to configure and deploy SALT components in Tuxedo.
The addition of SALT and SCA in the Tuxedo infrastructure also delivers a number of new tools, which will be covered in the course.
        Learn To:
        Create, load and maintain Tuxedo Service Metadata
        Advertise Tuxedo services as Web Services
        Use external web services from Tuxedo services
        Create, deploy and maintain SCA components
        Use SCA components from Tuxedo and other clients
        Configure and deploy SALT web service servers

        SOA Architect






        Introduction to Oracle Tuxedo
              What is Oracle Tuxedo
              History of Oracle Tuxedo
        SALT Overview
              What is SOA
              Designing with an SOA approach
              Introducing SALT
        SALT Web Services Overview
              What are Web Services
              What are SALT Web Services
              SALT Architecture
              SALT Use Cases
        Configuring and Deploying SALT Web Services
              The Tuxedo Service Metadata Repository
              Configuring a Tuxedo Service to be Advertised as a Web Service
              Configuring a Tuxedo Service to Use a Web Service
              SALT Deployment
              SALT Administration
        SALT SCA Overview
              What is SCA
              Why SCA is important
              The SCA Standard
              SCA key concepts
              SCA Architecture
              Service Data Objects (SDO)
              SCA and SDO in Tuxedo SALT
        Programming SCA Components
              Directory Structure and Important Files
              Writing the Interface
        Writing the Business Logic
              Calling Other Components
              Error Handling
              The buildscacomponent Tool
              The buildscaserver Tool
              Additional Tools
        Data Mapping
              Simple and Complex Data Types
              The Benefits of SDO
              SDO and Tuxedo ATMI
              SDO and XML
              The mk*fromschema Utilities
        Interoperability,Transactions, Security and Administration
              Tuxedo Features and SCA (MSSQ, LDBAL etc)
              Tuxedo Domain and MP Features and SCA
              Transaction Policies
              Security Policy
              Multithreading and Multicontext Considerations
              Features of scaadmin
        SCA Web Services Binding
              Review SCA Domain and Composite Defintions
              Web Service Binding – Architecture
              Web Service Binding – SALT Configuration
              Expose SCA Operation as Web Service
              Use a Web Service from a SCA Component
              buildscacomponent Specifics
              buildscaserver Specifics
        Programming SALT SCA Clients
              Types of Clients
              Implementing a SCA Client