Tuxedo 11g大型机应用培训

This course provides an overview of the problems businesses face today with mainframe applications, and how Tuxedo ART solves these problems. It quickly gets students up and running with their first Tuxedo ART environment and re-hosted application, providing a breakdown of the migration process for moving an application from the mainframe to Tuxedo ART. The course covers all of the features provided by Oracle Tuxedo ART and the ART Workbench and provides developers, architects, and administrators with the knowledge they need to configure, develop, deploy, and manage applications re-hosted on Tuxedo ART. Additionally, the course covers the various mainframe and SOA integration possibilities available for rehosted applications.
       Learn To:
       Establish a process for performing the migration from the mainframe to Tuxedo ART.
       Configure and use Tuxedo core capabilities and administrative features.
       Use the Tuxedo ART Workbench to migrate databases, data files, application code, and job execution code to the Tuxedo ART platform.
       Run both OLTP CICS and Batch mainframe applications on Tuxedo ART.
       Administer a rehosted application on the Tuxedo ART platform.
       Integrate rehosted applications with SOA technologies.

       Application Developers
       SOA Architect
       Technical Administrator






        Migration Process
       Tuxedo ART Overview
             •Tuxedo Architecture Overview
             •What is Mainframe Rehosting?
             •Oracle's Rehosting Solution
             •Oracle Tuxedo Application Runtime for CICS
             •Oracle Tuxedo Application Runtime for Batch
             •Oracle Tuxedo Application Rehosting Workbench
             •Extended ART Ecosystem
       Application Rehosting Workbench
             •Overview: Key Attributes and Benefits
             •Language and Data Migration Tools
       Tuxedo Foundation: Core Concepts
             •Core Architecture
             •Application Environment and Deploying Applications
       Application Runtime (ART) OLTP Applications
             •Overview: Key Attributes and Benefits
             •CICS API Emulation and Services
       Application Runtime (ART) Batch
             •Overview: Key Attributes and Benefits
             •Batch Execution Environment Architecture
             •Batch Execution Environment
             •Tuxedo ART for Batch: Utilities
             •Batch Management and Control
             •Oracle's Maximum Availability Architecture: Deployment for Non-Stop Operation and Scalability
       Tuxedo Administration Primer
             •Tuxedo Security
             •Scalability and Performance
             •High Availability
             •Administration and Monitoring
       Mainframe and SOA Integration
             •Mainframe Integration
             •SOA Integration
             •Connectivity and Integration Architecture
             •Java and .NET Client Integration
             •Bidirectional Java EE Integration and Web Services
             •Service Bus