Tuxedo 10g R3管理培训

This course trains administrators, architects, and developers on the administration of Oracle Tuxedo applications. The course shows the features and configurable capabilities of the product and how they relate to real-world scenarios.
        This training does the following:
         Includes a complete overview of the Tuxedo software components and deployment architectures
         Helps you plan and architect Tuxedo application strategies
         Gives you detailed information about the many static and run-time configuration options available to various Tuxedo applications
         Provides administrators with the skills they need to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot various types of Tuxedo applications
         Learn To:
         Create Tuxedo server and client executables from source code
         Design Tuxedo application deployment and execute capacity planning
         Configure Tuxedo applications to support native and remote clients to include Workstation and Web Services clients
         Use advanced monitoring and dynamic performance configuration options
         Secure Tuxedo applications and services
         Troubleshoot Tuxedo applications for functional or performance issues

         SOA Architect






        Installing Tuxedo
         Explaining the Tuxedo architecture
         Configuring Tuxedo in general
         Configuring remote clients
         Configuring Security
         Configuring multi-machine domain
         Configuring transactions
         Configuring queuing
         Configuring multi-domains
         Accessing the Tuxedo Management Information Base (MIB)
         Using Tuxedo System and Applications Monitor (TSAM)