Solaris Shell高级编程培训

课程介绍:本课程的目的是让学员们学会使用solaris工具来处理文本和Solaris Shell脚本

课程对象: Programmers, developers and system administrators who need to construct shell scripts using advanced text handling facilities.






        Review of Shell Fundamentals
             •Review of UNIX Commands
        Using Unix Shells
             •Command line history and editing
             •The Korn and POSIX shells
             •The Bash shell
             •Command aliasing
             •The shell startup file
             •Shell environment variables
        Redirection, Pipes and Filters
             •Standard I/O and redirection
             •Command separation
             •Conditional execution
             •Grouping Commands
             •UNIX filters
             •The tee command
        Backup and Restore Utilities
             •Archive devices
             •The cpio command
             •The tar command
             •The dd command
             •Exercise: Backing up and restoring files using tar
             •Exercise: Backing up and restoring files using cpio
        Background Job Scheduling
             •Starting background jobs
             •Background tasks and the nohup command
             •Process priorities and the nice command
             •Job control
             •Scheduling jobs with the at command
             •Scheduling jobs with the cron command
             •Exercise: Running background jobs
        Regular Expression Notation
             •Regular expressions
             •Extended regular expressions
        Searching Files for Patterns
             •The grep family of commands
             •The grep command
             •The fgrep command
             •The egrep command
             •Exercises: Search for patterns with grep and egrep
        The Stream Editor - sed
             •Introduction and command line syntax
             •The sed program structure
             •sed program processing
             •Use sed commands
             •sed addresses
             •sed instructions
             •Hold and get functions
             •Advanced flow control
             •Exercises: Simple text processing with sed
             •Exercises: Create sed scripts to edit files
        Commands for Comparing Files
             •Compare two files with the cmp command
             •Compare two files with the comm command
             •Compare two files with the diff and sdiff commands
             •Compare large files with the bdiff command
             •Exercise: Identifying file differences
        File Manipulation Commands
             •The file command
             •The head command
             •The tail command
             •The cut command
             •The paste command
             •The pr command
             •The split and csplit commands
             •Exercises: Manipulate text with cut and paste
             •Exercises: Manipulate text with head and tail
        Identify and Translate Characters
             •od - octal dump
             •Use cat to display non-printing characters
             •The expand and unexpand commands
             •The tr command
             •Exercises: Translating text files with tr
             •Exercises: Display non-printing characters
        Sorting Files
             •The sort command
             •Specify sort keys with -k
             •Sort by column positions
             •The uniq command
             •Exercises: Sorting text files
        Introduction to the Pattern Scanning Utility - awk
             •Introduction and command line syntax
             •The awk program structure
             •Use regular expressions
             •Simple patterns
             •Extended patterns
             •Special patterns (BEGIN and END)
             •Program variables
                  ◦Built-in variables
                  ◦User defined variables
             •Mathematical operators
             •Enhanced printing
             •Handling user variables
             •Exercises: Create simple awk scripts
             •Exercises: Create a simple awk script using variables
        awk Program Control Structures
             •Program control structures
             •The if construct
             •The while and do ... while constructs
             •The basic for construct
             •Associative array handling
             •Functions ◦Built in functions
                  ◦The system function
                  ◦The getline function
                  ◦User defined functions
             •Exercises: Create an awk script using an associative array
             •Exercises: Create an awk script using a for loop and if statement
             •Exercises: Create an awk script using functions