SharePoint 2013开发培训

     This course is the place to learn the administration, best practices and governance of SharePoint 2013 from industry experts and Microsoft MVPs. SharePoint Innovations SharePoint training environment is a real-world enterprise server farm hosted in SAS 70 compliant datacenter. This course is intended for Administrators, Architects, Developers and other IT Professionals.

    This course is intended for: 
    IT Professionals (Administrators, Developers, Managers, etc.) 
    Non-IT Professionals who will be participating in SharePoint 2013 Planning and Deployment project(s) in their organization







    Module 1 - SharePoint 2013 Developer Overview
        SharePoint 2013 Product Topology & Architecture
        SharePoint 2013 Capabilities
        SharePoint 2013 and Microsoft.NET 4.0 Architecture
        SharePoint 2013 Application Development Platform
        SharePoint 2013 Farm and Service Application Architecture
        SharePoint 2013 Sites, Lists and Libraries Overview
        SharePoint Deployment Options
        Development & Extensibility Option Overview
        SharePoint Developer Concepts and Best Practices

    Module 2 - SharePoint 2013 Application Development Environment and Tools 
        SharePoint Designer 2013 and Visual Studio 2012
        SharePoint 2013 Object Model (Server, Client and Web Services)
        Authorization and authentication for apps in SharePoint 2013
        Introduction to OAuth
        Packaging and Deployment Tools for SharePoint 2013 Applications
        Farm Solutions
        Sandbox Solutions
        Breaking Out of the Sandbox  SharePoint Features
        Solution Packages

    Module 3 – Developing SharePoint 2013 Event Handlers
        SharePoint 2013 Remote Handlers
        SharePoint 2013 Event Management Architecture
        Build and Deploy a Custom Event Handler using Visual Studio 2012
        Working with SharePoint Sites, Lists and List Data Programmatically
        Build, Package and Deploy SharePoint 2013 Event Handlers

    Module 4 – Developing SharePoint 2013 Web Parts 
        SharePoint 2013 Web Part Architecture
        Server-Side API Overview
        Server-Side Data Access
        CAML, SPQuery & SPSiteDataQuery
        Build and Deploy a Custom Web Part using Visual Studio 2012
        Visual Web Parts and Visual Studio 2012 Web Part Designer
        Build, Package and Deploy SharePoint 2013 Web Parts
        LINQ to SharePoint  Search-driven Web Parts

    Module 5 – Building Workflows in SharePoint 2013 
        Understanding the Workflow Architecture
        Workflow Stages
        Dynamic Values
        Windows Azure Workflow
        Creating Custom Workflows and Extending existing workflows with SharePoint Designer 2013
        Building Site, Reusable and List Workflows using SharePoint Designer 2013
        Creating workflows in Visio 2013
        Workflow Packaging and Deployment
        Visual Studio 2012 SharePoint Workflow Development Tools
        Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) Architecture Overview
        Build and Deploy a Custom .NET 4.0 Workflow using Visual Studio 2012
        Build and Deploy a Custom SharePoint Workflow using Visual Studio 2012

    Module 6 - SharePoint Content Types 
        Overview of Enterprise Content Type Architecture
        Create and Manage Site Columns and Content Types
        Document Sets, Term Stores, Content Type Hub
        Managed Metadata and Content Types common business use cases and usage scenarios
        Content Type Best Practices

    Module 7 – Business Connectivity Services (BCS) 
        SharePoint 2013 BCS Overview
        Business Connectivity Services (BCS) Architecture
        Create and Configure Business Connectivity Services
        External Content Types and Lists using SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio
        Integrate External Systems to SharePoint using BCS
        NET Assembly Connectors
        BCS Apps
        Authentication Options

    Module 8 – SharePoint 2013 App Store Development 
        SharePoint App Model Overview
        SharePoint Hosted Apps
        Buildings Apps for SharePoint 2013 App Store
        Building Apps for SharePoint 2013 on Azure
        Public & Corporate Marketplace

    Module 9 – SharePoint Business Intelligence and Dashboards 
        What’s New in SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence & Dashboards
        Create and Manage Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
        Excel Services and Excel Services Web Parts
        Introduction to PerformancePoint Services 2013

    Module 10 – SharePoint Branding Project and Web Content Management (WCM) 
        What’s New in SharePoint Branding and Web Content Management
        Introduction to Design Manager
        HTML 5 and CSS Primer
        SharePoint Site Design, WCM and Branding Overview
        Branding Project: Brand a SharePoint Publishing Site with Custom Master Pages, HTML, Navigation, Page Layout and CSS
        SharePoint Branding Best Practices

    Module 11 – Client-Side and Web Services Application Development 
        Client Side Application Development Overview
        Programming with JavaScript
        Client Side Object Model (CSOM)
        WCF Data Services / OData / REST API
        Client-Side Cross Domain Calls
        JavaScript Controls (Notifications, Status Messages, Toast Messages & Dialogs)