Solaris 11系统管理培训

       Oracle Solaris 11系统管理培训课程为企业系统管理员设计,为Oracle Solaris 11操作系统人员提供所需要的操作技能,使其有效地履行自己的工作任务。
        本课程全面介绍了solaris 11操作系统安装、系统监测和故障排除。本课程以实验为主。配以理论讲解。
        •    执行基本安装和软件开发包更新
        •    执行基本的服务,处理和访问控制管理
        •    执行基本的数据存储区,网络和用户管理

课程对象:Support Engineer、System Administrator






       Installing Oracle Solaris 11 Using an Interactive Installer
               •Preparing for the Installation
               •Performing the Installation
               •Verifying the Installation
        Updating the Oracle Solaris 11 OS Using IPS
               •Retrieving Packages from the IPS Repository
               •Installing a Package
               •Verifying a Package Installation
               •Uninstalling a Package
               •Searching for a Package
        Managing Software Packages
               •Managing Software Packages Using the Command Line
               •Manage Software Packages Using Package Manager
        Administering SMF Services
               •Monitoring Services
               •Enabling a Service
               •Disabling a Service
               •Restarting a Service
        Booting and Shutting Down a System
               •Booting a System
               •Shutting Down a System
        Managing ZFS Storage Pools
               •Creating a ZFS Storage Pool
               •Managing ZFS Storage Pool Properties
               •Querying ZFS Storage Pool Status
               •Destroying a ZFS Storage Pool
        Managing ZFS File Systems
               •Creating and Destroying a ZFS File System
               •Managing ZFS File SystemProperties
               •Querying ZFS File System Information
               •Mounting and Unmounting ZFS File Systems
        Using ZFS Snapshots and Clones
               •Creating a ZFS Snapshot
               •Destroying a ZFS Snapshot
               •Displaying a ZFS Snapshot
               •Creating a ZFS Clone
               •Destroying a ZFS Clone
        Administering an Oracle Solaris Zone
               •Logging in to a Zone
               •Exiting a Zone
               •Shutting Down a Zone
               •Starting Up a Zone
               •Halting a Zone
               •Assessing a Zone Configuration
               •Monitoring a Zone
        Administering a Physical Network
               •Determining Datalink Availability
               •Configuring a Network Interface
               •Administering a Network Interface
               •Verifying Network Operation
        Setting Up and Maintaining User Accounts
               •Adding Users and Groups
               •Modifying User and Group Accounts
               •Deleting User and Group Accounts
               •Setting Password Aging
        Configuring User Shells and User Disk Quotas
               •Configuring User Shells
               •Configuring User Disk Quotas
        Controlling Access to Systems
               •Securing Logins and Passwords
               •Changing the Password Algorithm
               •Verifying System Access Control
        Controlling Access to Files
               •Protecting Files with Basic Permissions
               •Protecting Against Programs with Security Risk
               •Verifying File Access Control
        Configuring and Using Secure Shell
               •Configuring Secure Shell
               •Using Secure Shell
        Managing System Processes
               •Listing System Processes
               •Controlling System Processes
               •Killing a Process
        Scheduling System Tasks
               •Scheduling Repetitive System Tasks
               •Administering crontab Files
        Monitoring System Logs and Crash and Core Dump Files
               •Introducing System Logs
               •Introducing Crash Dump Files
               •Introducing Core Dump Files
        Performing Basic Troubleshooting
               •Troubleshooting a Script Execution Issue
               •Troubleshooting a Software Update Failure
               •Troubleshoot a Network Connectivity Issue
               •Troubleshooting a Directory Access Issue
               •Troubleshooting a Default Shell Issue