Lync Server 2013企业语音与在线服务培训

     Lync 2013 is part of the new version of Office, focusing on communication. It provides anywhere access to office applications and documents, email, calendar, HD video conferencing, and enterprise social networking across devices - from PCs running Windows 8 to smart-phones to tablets. Validate your expertise in creating a consistent communications experience for your organization and connecting your colleagues to hundreds of millions of people around the world.

     Plan and Design a Lync Topology 
     Plan and Design Lync Features 
     Deploy and Configure Lync 
     Manage Operations and Data Resiliency for Lync







       I. Plan and Design a Lync Topology 
         1. Plan Lync Site Topology 
         2. Plan Lync server support infrastructure 
         3. Plan Lync Servers 
         4. Design a Lync Server HA/DR solution 
         5. Design Edge Services
     II. Plan and Design Lync Features 
         1. Design Conferencing 
         2. Design Lync Remote and External Access 
         3. Plan for Lync user experience 
         4. Plan for clients and devices 
         5. Plan migration from previous versions 
         6. Plan end-user training for Lync Client Features
     III. Deploy and Configure Lync 
         1. Configure and publish topology 
         2. Configure Conferencing 
         3. Configure Lync Remote and External access 
         4. Configure Persistent Chat 
         5. Deploy and configure Clients and devices 
         6. Migrate from previous versions of Lync 
         7. Configure HA/DR
     IV. Manage Operations and Data Resiliency for Lync 
         1. Troubleshoot the Lync Environment 
         2. Manage the Lync Environment 
         3. Verify Lync environment health 
         4. Mitigate Data Loss 
         5. Manage monitoring and archiving services