IBM WebSphere Application Server脚本培训

This course teaches students to write, debug and run Jython scripts to automate the administration of WebSphere Application Server V6.1. It provides a comprehensive view of the WebSphere Application Server tools and technologies that support scripting and highlights the key resources needed to successfully develop administrative scripts. Students learn to use the Jython language in conjunction with WebSphere administrative objects to develop scripts that automate common administrative tasks.

      System administrators
      Information Technology (IT) architects
      Lead application developers
      Test engineers






        Day 1
         Unit 1 - Class introduction
         Unit 2 - Introduction to Scripting
         Unit 3 - WebSphere Application Server administrative concepts and architecture
         Exercise 1: Automating the installation of WebSphere Application Server
         Unit 4 - WebSphere Application Server scripting facilities
         Unit 5 - Using wsadmin
         Exercise 2: Using wsadmin to explore the WebSphere Application Server environment
         Day 2
         Unit 6- Jython basics
         Unit 7 - Jython development using the AST
         Exercise 3: Using the AST to develop Jython scripts
         Unit 8 - Administrative object basics: Help and AdminConfig
         Day 3
         Exercise 4: Using the AdminConfig object
         Unit 9 - Administrative object basics: AdminApp
         Exercise 5: Using the AdminApp object
         Unit 10 - Administrative object basics: AdminControl
         Exercise 6: Using the AdminControl object
         Unit 11- Administrative object basics: AdminTask
         Day 4
         Exercise 7: Using the AdminTask object
         Unit 12 - Introduction to the Trade application
         Unit 13 - Configuring and managing servers and server resources using scripting
         Exercise 8: Creating and configuring the Trade server environment using scripting
         Unit 14 - Deploying and managing the Trade application using scripting
         Exercise 9: Deploying and managing the Trade application using scripting
         Day 5
         Unit 15 - Using ws_ant
         Exercise 10: ws_ant scripting
         Unit 16 - Using the Jacl2Jython conversion assistant
         Exercise 11: Converting Jacl scripts to Jython using Jacl2Jython
         Unit 17 - Class summary